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Optimize the business aspects of practice management for better patient care.

Practical practice management solutions for Corporate Organizations

Sensei Cloud is an all-encompassing practice management solution designed by dental professionals for any private or supported office. With a comprehensive suite of business features, advanced multitasking and inherent scalability, Sensei Cloud streamlines dental practice workflows, freeing time for dentists to focus on providing patient care.

Dental Support (Corporate) Organizations

DSOs, also known as dental service organizations, have revolutionized the modern dental industry by providing practices with the back-end support they need to expand efficiencies and grow their businesses. This support often comes in the form of services and access to capital, but dental technology is a massive benefit for any practice.

Whether it's the latest hardware equipment for enhanced dental care or advanced software solutions to optimise dental practice management, DSO supported dentists have the tools they need to maximise the effectiveness of their dental care while boosting productivity and efficiency. But what do these tools look like, and how can they improve dental services?

Dental Technology for Dental Support Organizations

DSOs primarily support practices in non-clinical operations. This means managing the administrative work typically handled by the dentist. From appointment scheduling and patient billing to procuring supplies and state-of-the-art equipment, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes.

Dental practice management software provides an easy and convenient solution to optimizing these back-office processes. Comprehensive features enable dentists to streamline their workflows and expand schedule availability while DSOs focus on growth and profitability. These practice management solutions offer DSO affiliated dentists and dental organizations many benefits.

The benefits of dental practice management software

No matter the size or scope of your DSO arrangement, whether you're dealing with small group dentistry practices or supporting a large corporate dentistry network, dental practice management solutions can help both the practice owner and the DSO grow the practice efficiently and sustainably.

Everything in one place

A centralised, intuitive platform to track clinical and financial information, create treatment plans and optimise business functionality.

optimised workflows

Efficient consistent workflows throughout the software saves time and boosts patient engagement.

consolidated patient information

Easy access to patient information like electronic oral health records, charts and images for parallel workflows and better patient communication.

stay organised

Seamless scheduling across multiple private, group or corporate practice locations.

Cloud-based Practice Management Software

As dental organisations move into the digital age, cloud technology becomes a vital part of maintaining centralized business operations at any time and from anywhere.

When dental care systems are connected to the internet, doctors and staff have real-time access to important patient and administrative information, allowing for more proactive care and treatment. Cloud capabilities also improve doctor-patient communication, facilitating a better understanding of oral health and treatment options while streamlining appointment scheduling.

With a cloud-based practice management solution like Sensei Cloud, dental practices and their supporting DSOs receive:

• A full 360° view of the entire enterprise with actionable, real-time insights and reporting on performance and other metrics.

• Cybersecurity and disaster recovery tools that protect sensitive data from theft and compromise.

• Inherent scalability on a robust, user-friendly platform that enables practice growth without unnecessary IT infrastructure.

• A continually evolving system with automatic weekly updates in which users have a say in future designs.

• A dedicated team to assist your organization in software implementation, help solve any problems and answer any questions along the way.

Carestream Dental: Supporting dental support organizations

Carestream Dental has been revolutionizing the field of dentistry for decades with its innovative suite of software, tools and support. Seamless integration with Patient Solutions and other Carestream Dental solutions allows for easy implementation and increased efficiency across platforms.

Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud is an all-encompassing software solution designed by and for dental professionals. The user-focused design and comprehensive features provide the perfect balance between business capabilities and clinical excellence. As a single platform with many uses, general dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons alike will find specialized functions that fit their unique practice requirements.

Sensei Cloud capabilities enable seamless access to important documents and data wherever you are and at any time. We also release continual updates based on feedback from our customers. That way, users like you can have a say in future designs.

Sensei Cloud Oral Surgery Practice Management Software

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