Patient Bridge

a Sensei product
Patient Bridge is a cloud-based patient engagement platform. Bridging the gap between you and your patients through smarter communications. Available for R4+ and Sensei Cloud.

Improve communication and patient satisfaction

Patient Bridge enhances efficient communication and engagement with your patients. Streamline practice visits, optimise patient satisfaction and generate more revenue.

Patient Bridge seamlessly integrates with your practice management software. For connecting with new patients and building better relationships with existing ones.

Patient Bridge Premium

Patient Portal is a recent upgrade to Patient Bridge and includes a set of game changing additional features: 2FA authenticated patient access, 24/7 online bookings,  reminders
and recall messages invite patients to book appointments online. Forms can be completed and signed including medical history, treatment plans, screening, consent and FP17. You are able to review and amend pre-completed medical history forms with forms written back to your practice management software.


true cloud solution

Made possible by a simple installation on your server - pushing all data to Patient Bridge, available to you anywhere, anytime.

Smart forms

Patients can complete pre-appointment forms that feed directly into R4+ and Sensei Cloud, including medical history, COVID screening and NHS forms with the virtual waiting room.

automate communications

Lifting the burden from your team and better engaging with patients to optimise attendance at practice appointments.

Multi-channel messaging

Utilises a mix of SMS messaging, HTML email, including links and images and direct mail letters for the optimum patient connection.

Build Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking to boost private income, the Marketing Campaign Manager can do just that. Send group communications facilitating all contact methods whilst considering patient opt-in preferences and GDPR compliance.

Security & GDPR Compliance

The security of patient data is of the utmost importance with digital fraud and identity theft so prevalent in today’s online environment. Not only that, but Patient Bridge is hosted in super-secure Microsoft Azure UK data centres which are fully audited and accredited by the NHS.

Appointment Reminder

Patients’ details are selected from the appointment book or recall details and a reminder is sent. Patients can reply to these messages and their reply included in the appointment diary. When a reminder is sent, or confirmation received, the status appears in the appointment diary.

Minimise FTAs

Minimise missed appointments with the FTA manager. Automate messages to patients who repeatedly fail to attend appointments within the guidelines specific to your practice.

Reputation management

Improve your service and boost your reputation online with patient survey and FFT automation. More positive and happy reviews online leads to improved Google search results and local SEO.


At Carestream Dental we prioritise patient engagement solutions as a means of growing your practice. Whether you’re interested in improving your online presence or reputation as a care provider, or you want to provide more patient education resources, Patient Bridge is the engagment solution to consider. We make it easy for you by integrating it right into your practice management software. Are you ready to improve your marketing efforts and simultaneously boost patient satisfaction?

Contact us today to learn more about Patient Bridge.