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From dental school software to oral imaging solutions, Carestream Dental provides essential management tools for students, educators and dentists.

Digital solutions for efficient and easy dental practice operations for educators and dental students.

As with any dental practice, managing the administrative processes for a dental school clinic can be a massive challenge. Whether it's manual appointment scheduling, patient record-keeping or outdated dental imaging and billing systems, practice management is often a time-consuming, tedious task.

Dental school software

Dental school practice management software enables students and staff to manage the daily operations of their dental education clinics more efficiently and effectively. For years, academic institutions and dental professionals have been leveraging these types of software solutions to enhance patient care while streamlining back-office dental clinic workflows. But finding the right dental practice software isn't always easy.

At Carestream Dental, we offer a powerful suite of software solutions for dental organisations like educational institutions. With development input from dental professionals in the real world, these tools offer a comprehensive range of features with an intuitive, user-focused design. Our dental software strikes the perfect balance between practice management functionality and clinical excellence, accommodating the needs of everyone, including students, general dentists, specialists, instructors and staff.

Dental practice management

Dental practice management is a broad term covering all of the clinical charting and back-office operations that go on in a dental practice. This includes appointment scheduling, managing patient data and processing payroll and billing information. With dental practice management software, dentists can optimize and even automate many of these processes. Not only does this improve efficiency, but it also frees up time that could be better spent on vital operations like treatment planning, which improves dental office productivity and the patient experience.

Dental practice management software can also facilitate faster communication and patient record transfers between staff. This critical patient information is securely stored and easily accessible for oral health consultations, treatment planning, patient billing and all manner of dental office operations.

Why should dental schools use practice management software?

Dental school clinics function in much the same way as the average dental practice does: Patients come in, complete a check-up and, if possible, discuss their dental history; dental professionals create a treatment plan; and finally, the treatment is carried out over the course of a few appointments.

As a result, this process still requires the critical practice management functions of any other dental practice. While some might be able to get away with using paper-based methods for patient record-keeping, appointment scheduling, treatment planning and billing, making the move to a digital platform can dramatically improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your dental practice. This translates to more effective oral health treatments that will enrich the patient experience.

In addition to streamlining practice management, using dental school software will better prepare your student body for the future. Most modern practices utilize dental management software in their day-to-day operations, so providing foundational knowledge on how to use it while in school can be a massive advantage down the line.

Discover the benefits of dental school software

In the same way that practice management software offers a competitive advantage to dental practices, dental school software can provide massive value to academic institutions. Whether it's streamlining administrative tasks, managing student workflows or freeing up more time to focus on patient care, dental education clinics can expect a few significant benefits in using a software solution.

Optimised practice management

From scheduling appointments to treatment planning and patient billing, dental school software can optimize every step of the practice management process.

Integrated workflows

Dental software integrates your school clinic workflows into a single system to streamline operations and boost efficiency.

Increased Visibility

This integration provides an omnipresent view of your dental school clinic activity with real-time reporting.

Electronic health record-keeping

Patient information is securely stored and protected for safe, reliable and easily accessible data.

Dental school software from Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental offers a wide range of dental software solutions with a comprehensive suite of features for students and dental professionals alike. From imaging solutions enhancing patient care to management software for workflow optimisation, Carestream Dental has the software tools you need to take your dental school clinic to the next level.

Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud is an all-in-one system that meets the needs of your practice, patients, students and staff. As a practice management solution designed by dental professionals, Sensei Cloud offers an intuitive platform design for seamless system transitions. Optimized multitasking and streamlined scheduling and patient billing capabilities enable dentists to provide faster, scalable and enhanced patient care.

Sensei Cloud Oral Surgery Practice Management Software
Specialty software

Carestream Dental also offers a suite of speciality software. OrthoTrac helps orthodontists streamline administrative work like appointment scheduling, patient billing, and record-keeping. R4+ is designed to expand efficiencies for general dentist practices by optimising surgery workflows both chair-side and back-office.

With the right software solutions, dental schools can maximize practice efficiencies and patient engagement while simplifying workflows to provide better patient care.

Supporting dental education

Carestream Dental is proud to support dental education institutions, including their staff, students and patients, with industry-leading dental school software. If you're interested in learning more about Carestream Dental and our suite of practice management software solutions, schedule a demo today.