Authorized Partners

We carefully test and certify the partners we work with, so you don’t have to! Our partners are instrumental in providing various services to make your practice grow more efficiently.

Our aim at Carestream Dental is to provide the best practice management software for your practice. To achieve that, we partner with the best third-party vendors in their field to integrate their thinking with ours and offer you an environment that is robust, secure and easy to integrate. Choosing a new hardware or software solution has never been easier! Simply select from our list of authorized partners below.

Featured Partner
Global Payments Integrated

Global Payments Integrated has been our trusted partner for 10 years and is a global leader in credit card processing solutions providing customized payment solutions, including ePayments Secure, Online Payments and more. Options integrate payments directly into the patient ledger to help you collect cash faster.

Phone: 844.663.8797


Flexible financing options.

Phone: 800.300.3046


Marketing automation and communication.

Phone: 800.220.1136


Patient engagement & retention software.

Phone: 800.380.6071

iCore Connect

Cloud-based analytics.

Phone: 888.810.7706


Patient communication software that's personal.

Phone: 855.221.3279


Automated patient communication.

Phone: 888.617.3758


Electronic insurance attachments.

Phone: 800.782.5150


Business intelligence applications built by providers.

Phone: 610.922.8890


All-in-one Dental Marketing Platform.

Phone: 847.278.0935


Customized web, SEO and online services.

Phone: 415.528.2520

RR Donnelley

Customizable printing solutions.

Phone: 800.742.4455


Custom web design and patient communications.

Phone: 866.437.5384

SR SolutionReach

Platform relationship management.

Phone: 800.995.8444

SysIT Services

Disaster recovery and cybersecurity solutions powered by Datto Technologies.

Phone: 650.753.7017


Customer relationships powered by Weave.

Phone: 888.545.8880


Fully automated dental inventory management.

Phone: 866.930.925


Real Patient Engagement.

Phone: 855.507.2753