Why Are Oral Surgeons Flocking to Cloud-Based Practice Management?

Why Are Oral Surgeons Flocking to Cloud-Based Practice Management?

As an oral surgeon, you are more than a doctor and an oral healthcare provider–you are also a business owner. And that makes the demands of your practice unique and they also require different organizational needs than a general dentistry practice. On top of handling serious surgeries and providing the best in patient care, you are wrangling the business and management aspects of your practice and don’t have time for clunky and outdated practice management software.

Specialized oral surgery practice solutions, such as Sensei Cloud for Oral Surgery, are designed to help your specialty practice operate efficiently and thrive. Furthermore, having a cloud-based solution that’s crafted specifically for oral surgeons addresses the unique needs and pain points of your practice, such as multiple locations and specialties, accelerating growth and the administrative and clinical aspects of your practice.

A View from Above - the Benefits of Being in the Cloud
Oral surgeons are realizing now more than ever the unmatched benefits that a completely integrated, turn-key cloud solution that’s designed specifically for oral surgery practices brings to daily operations and overall patient care.

One Platform, Multiple Specialties
The complexity of oral surgery practices lies for one in that they are multi-specialty, and most oral surgeons don’t want to spend the time–or money or effort–to piece together multiple systems to accommodate their practice management needs. That’s why a cloud-based system, such as Sensei Cloud for Oral Surgery, enables users to manage multiple locations and specialties, eliminating the need for complicated workarounds. Having one platform for multi-specialties allows you to manage your patient’s dental, orthodontic and oral surgery treatments from a single system.
Utilizing the same patient record when your OMS patient needs orthodontic or general dentistry treatments eliminates the need to track patients in two different systems, or to create duplicate charts for the same patient. This leads to greater business efficiency, not to mention increased patient volume and less stress for your staff.

Integration Is Everything
Efficiency isn’t the only benefit–a cloud solution also brings integration with imaging functionalities for both 2D and 3D images. For instance, Sensei Imaging within Sensei Oral Surgery provides a full suite of true-cloud 2D and 3D imaging storage capabilities and works with all Carestream Dental imaging equipment. You can share extremely sharp and impressive images with referrals easily, and you may even increase treatment plan acceptance with your patients when you use enhanced 2D and 3D clinical images.

This type of cloud integration also extends beyond images to patient engagement platforms and communications. Within Sensei Oral Surgery, optional Patient Solutions provide a robust platform for all of your patient communication needs and even offers an integrated electronic payment solution that automates tasks, so you can invoice patients more easily and get reimbursed more quickly and efficiently.

An Agile System that Helps Your Practice Grow
As with any technologically advanced system, occasional updates and ongoing maintenance is necessary. With traditional software these updates can be significant and disrupt an existing workflow, but a cloud solution like Sensei Oral Surgery was built to roll automatic updates out in small stages, allowing you to immediately benefit from the latest innovation without it causing a nuisance to your daily practice flow. Without the need for an internal resource to manage and maintain these kinds of updates, you can use your resources toward the bigger picture, such as growing your practice.

Easy to Monitor, Easy to Learn
You don’t have the time to spend on piecing together and going back and forth between several systems to accommodate your multi-location practice management needs, that’s why a cloud-based is your go-to timesaver where you can manage multiple locations with greater efficiency to help practice growth and profitability. A solution like Sensei Oral Surgery has visual key performance indicators (KPIs) and graphic dashboards built into its system, giving you crucial insights to help deliver excellent patient care and to easily identify improvement targets and growth areas. You can save yourself the time digging through reams of data and focus your efforts on opportunities of expanding your practice.

These dashboards, as well as the general platform operation, are intuitive enough so you and your staff don’t need to spend hours watching training videos. Not to mention, having multiple practices all on the same platform is easier for staff to learn and for office managers to generate consistent reports. So ultimately, you and your staff can spend more time focusing on the patient and not worrying about getting everyone up to speed on your management software.

Security First
Advances in technology are fortunately improving patient care and their treatment experiences, however these same advances also leave medical practices more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and privacy breaches. In fact, according to Black Book research, over 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a data breach of some kind over the past five years. And dental offices with network-based devices and services are among the many industry-wide that are vulnerable, therefore you and your practice need a cloud solution that is also under constant monitoring and limits the risks associated with lost or stolen hardware.

Sensei Oral Surgery, for example, is a HIPAA-compliant solution that safeguards and protects data integrity via comprehensive protections, including automatic backups every 30 minutes, and without the headaches of maintaining backups and servers on your own. Therefore, you can spend more time on delivering exceptional care and less time worrying about patient and praticedata with the lock and key security of the cloud.

As with other medical industries, the oral healthcare landscape is being revolutionized by advancments in cloud technology, and oral surgery is at the forefront. A true-cloud solution in practice management software means drastically increased efficiency, scalability and ultimately growth and profitability for an oral surgery practice. And it’s not only oral surgeons themselves who will be thankful for switching to the cloud–it will also be their staff and their patients.